"Son of water purification" Yi of China water "water filter" the benefit of the community

When bubbling spring water when filtering out from the Anlu Li Zhai Cun village Jiang Fuhai, Jiang Fuhai more than 70 year old mother from ear to ear: "I did not expect I could drink good water in my life, thanks to my son and water diet. ”

This scene was really a happy event took place in Li Zhai Cun, is a good thing. It is understood that Jiang Fuhai is Li Zhai Cun in the famous son, and Yi rural water purifier of water is developed specifically for rural well water filter.

This "spoil water" story of how a very touching story? water diet and how come Li Zhai Cun?

Originally, after graduating from College in Anlu City Bureau of quality and technical supervision of staff Jiang Fuhai, who has lived in Li Zhai Cun, filled with emotions for almost everything in his hometown, took good care of affinity father mother is. As a professional, Jiang Fuhai knowing that their home had no running water, parents and villagers daily drinking water water quality is very poor, and contain many heavy metals, such as iron and manganese, drinking extremely prejudicial to health. In recent years, Li Zhai Cun, frequent cases of cancer deaths, doctors after an investigation confirmed, daily unhealthy drinking water are blamed for causing Li Zhai Cun tragedy. Since learned that this a situation zhihou, Jiang Fuhai anxiety difficult Ann, everywhere looking for can solution rural wells purification and water health problem of method, after multi about and research, Jiang Fuhai learned that Wuhan water of Yi water equipment limited is a professional development and production rural household wells filter device of specialist, currently has for many behind of rural village solution has health water problem, learned that this a message Hou, Jiang Fuhai immediately excited to through Wuhan of friends and company General Manager Li Yong Oracle made has contact.

In understanding that after Jiang Fuhai, as well as a filial piety, diet of water purification equipment limited in 2013 during the new year's professional technical team came home--Li Zhai Cun Jiang Fuhai, when technical Yi Jiang Fuhai homes installed water well water filter, clear spring water bubbled up immediately, so articles will also appear at the beginning of the scene. Later, Jiang Fuhai Yee well water filter, remove some of the water out of the water to boil, no impurities not only no smell and does not change color after boiling drinking tastes very good, and no yellowing of the muddy smell before use red water not to, at this time, onlookers to taste the villagers have sent the admiration.

It is understood that currently are drinking well water in many rural areas, and heavy metal contamination and groundwater contaminated by organic ground for rural well water problems, accidentally becomes the health of rural people "killers", to regret, therefore, rural well water purification filter will be an inevitable trend. Jiang Fuhai as an intellectual, he used his arrangement to protect the parents ' drinking water safety and the gravity of the problem of rural well water sounds the alarm.

Due to Wuhan water of Yi water equipment limited by development of water Yi wells filter device installation and using very simple, without complex of spray got exposure gas, except iron manganese of while also can removal different color odor, solution organic pollution, and using time up 8-10 years, during 3-5 years for once filter material on can normal using, and water water stable, effect lasting, so, in Jiang Fuhai home installation zhihou, remaining of Li Zhai Cun villagers also gradually began installation water of Yi wells filter device, drink Shang has assured water, Li Zhai Cun cancer "curse" has naturally lifted.