Automotive filter market competition into the Advanced

Filters are one of the most vulnerable parts in auto parts, replacement frequency is very high. With the rapid development of the automotive industry, auto scroll and social ownership increase in new, directly contributing to car manufacturers and consumer demand for cleaner, which also promotes the prosperity of filters in China market. But economic growth slow, deep changes in the structure, vehicle purchase gives priority to "low emission and lightweight" transfer abroad parts giant invasion case, drive cleaner competition towards the high end of the industry at the same time, but also for smaller, single products, technical input is not filter manufacturers to survive and develop a critical challenge.

Currently China car keep volume has breakthrough 130 million car, and to 2020 China car sales volume still will keep fast growth, to each car car annual at least replaced 5 a (2 a oil filter, and one air filter, and one gasoline filter and one air conditioning filter) filter device of demand, according to 2012 120 million car of car keep volume base to conversion, 2012, China car filter device of market demand in 600 million only above. Follow the 5 filters to calculating the consumption amounted to 120 Yuan, 2012 the filters market scale nearly 15 billion yuan. According to authoritative institutions predict that by 2020 China's auto production will maintain a growth rate of more than 13%, this means that China will further increase in cars. China Association of automobile manufacturers in accordance with the current growth in car ownership forecast to 2018, the demand for automotive filters in China will reach 1.2 billion. Remains under 5 per car per year filters for demand and consumption of 120 Yuan in monetary terms, by 2018, filter size of the market will be close to or even more than 30 billion yuan.

Great filter market is attracting attention from a number of manufacturers, filter, large and small enterprises sprung up, at present, the filter manufacturer of more than 1000 companies, especially foreign filter Giants are staking in China so that filters the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, formed the independent brands and joint ventures with, independent brands vying for competitive situation. Brand filter enterprises of Bengbu Jinwei, Rui An Xinghao, hang in plain, the joint venture company sofima, Fleetguard, man·humoer, Derby, Mahler, etc.

From the perspective of regional competition, in addition to Bengbu filters, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Guangdong, Hebei and other filter base also flourished. For example, Shanghai area of filter device Enterprise most to multinational mainly, sofima car filter device limited is Italy owned enterprise, by Italy international global filter device group (UFI group) investment built, 1996 official operation, company main production air filter device, and oil filter device, and fuel electric spray filter device, products, has advanced of empty filter, machine filter and fuel filter of test Taiwan and 11 article most advanced of production line, for Faw red flag, and Faw mass, and Shanghai General, and Shenyang Gold Cup, and Shenyang aerospace Mitsubishi and Hunan Changfeng, Nanjing Iveco, Hainan Mazda accessory. Wenzhou filter cheap, okay ruian universal filter, group and group markets performed well. Filter enterprise of Guangdong Yi feng, Bao Wang, Cheng Lian, sanli, etc.

From the scale competition in domestic development of filters at the same time, the joint venture was placed in the first position scale, stands to advantage the impact the market. In 1998, the Freudenberg's first production base in China and put into production after cumulative investment of up to 1.8 billion yuan in the Chinese market on March 16 this year, Chengdu branch Derby • vilene filters Ltd opened a new plant, the company is owned by Derby filter technology group and Japan vilene company formed joint venture in March 2012, mainly for the Chinese automotive industry filter. By Dongfeng company and Cummins common investment of Shanghai Alex column added filter device limited, Yu 1994 in Shanghai, Pudong new area, established, professional production car with engine filter device, products including air filter device, and fuel filter device, and oil filter device, and oil separation device, and cooling additives,, this year July 23, Shanghai Alex column added filter device limited Wuhan factory official production, new factory accounted for to area 53900 square meters, a period total area 22570 square meters, which plant 14580 square meters, 4536-storey square meters, the second phase planned construction area of 9500 square meters, the entire project is completed, will reach an annual output of 20 million filters (filter) size. On September 27, Germany manhumoer filtration experts announced that its joint venture in China--Changchun manhumoerfuwei filter limited new plant was completed and put into use, the new factory covers an area of 4.5 hectares, to invest more than 100 million Yuan.

From competition means see, for domestic filter device industry market access threshold low, and competition increasingly white-hot, and brand cohabitation of actual, to 4.1% of market share high home topped of Mann brand filter device put full upgrade sale Hou soft strength as win accounted for market of weapon, advocate to good after-sales service quality upgrade market space, for China sale Hou market build of Mann brand filter device brand shop has became brand of a big highlights, brand shop in China has has more than 250 more than. Guangzhou Yi peak auto parts manufacturing limited in products quality Shang seeks beyond of while, to "products first wisdom line, create peak" of business concept, through can copy sex of sales, and fitting actual of service marketing, has been go international route, to more than 500 strong Enterprise do OE supporting, get "2012 degrees car accessories top ten filter device innovation brand" and "2012 auto parts industry top ten most with influence brand" award.

From the perspective of competition, more and more old domestic filters manufacturers put on a coat of joint venture cooperation, becomes the new competitive forces, except manhumoer Haoye filters (Bengbu) outside the limited, one of China's largest manufacturers of filter of Clark filter (China) limited, the predecessor of Weifang Bao filters Ltd, March 24, 2009 United States Clark group, a wholly owned subsidiary. Derby • vilene filters Ltd in Changchun Changchun automotive filter company limited, formerly known as China, Changchun manhumoerfuwei filter, Ltd, was founded in December 2002, Germany German Hu Moer group joint venture with Faw full auto parts Corporation, focused in the commercial vehicle and industrial markets, and Faw Jiefang truck and the key supplier of Faw Jiefang Wuxi diesel engine works, and so on.

Filters in the auto parts industry is of low value-added products, extended product line, quality directly affects the brand life cycle, in order to win the market, cleaner industry through product innovation, technical innovation, optimize production time, reduce production costs and do everything possible to improve the competitiveness of their products.

Green is the direction of filter products. With the upgrade of emission regulations, engine fuel filter system is even more demanding, requires more oil-water separation and filtration effect, filter material put forward higher requirements. Full plastic cartridge filters, compared with the traditional spin-on filter, since there are no metal parts, to the greatest extent to ensure that no metal chips enter the engine systems, so as to better protect the engine. Main production Racor brand filter device, DomnickHunter brand cold dry machine and filter device, and hydraulic filter device and business drive filter device of sent kehanni fen filter system (Shanghai) limited products can for meet Europe III, and Europe IV, and Europe v, and Europe VI emissions requirements of diesel engine provides filter solution programme, also for alternative energy engine, as biological diesel engine, and gas (CNG/LNG) engine provides filter solution programme, its fuel filter device products using green environmental filter, Can be directly burned after use, replace filter usage can be seen, compared with traditional structures did not filter shell, can significantly reduce user costs, its particle filtration efficiency and oil-water separation efficiency than similar standards in the industry, you can meet more demanding fuel filter requirements.