Filter equal opportunity leader need to expand market share manhumoer entered China in 1996, can be said to have witnessed China's auto market more than 10 years of development and changes, first of all, you give us the analysis of current situation of China's auto aftermarket?

Zhang Jing: with the development of automobile market, China's auto aftermarket can be said to have ushered in the spring. Vehicle sales increase of market demand for spare parts have risen sharply. But the industry as a whole lot of rules, rules, regulation is not in place. Simply put, aftermarket of China and abroad compared to the aftermarket, are not mature enough, many of the rules and regulations need improving. we all admit that the after sale market, rules are lagging behind, for foreign companies such as manhumoer, the current market situation has brought us opportunities and challenges in what?

Zhang Jing: starting from entering the Chinese market, manhumoer has continued to progress, from our perspective, we also need the continued progress and integration. Because China has its own characteristics and complexity of this market, standardization of development of the whole market is undoubtedly big business and the common wish for.

For an enterprise that, well done, most direct expression is the product of the market shares. In the Chinese market, Enterprise filter may have one thousand or two thousand, little brand so that most people can truly understand. There is a certain brand of domestic and international brands together, but also dozens of. However, these so-called major brand, separate market share in the Chinese market is not particularly high. So we can say that filter market, China still lacks a leader. From a combination of factors taken into account, China's market-leading companies with market-leading companies in Europe and America than single enterprises the share market there is a gap. Considered from this sense can be said to filter industry is still in a State of leaderless.

However, this is not a bad thing. Because of this, so it gives businesses more opportunities and room for development. For each enterprise, equality of opportunity, everyone can become the leader, to see who can stand out in the fierce market competition.

Precisely because of the broadness and complexity of the Chinese market, so give reaction speed in adapting to the market, including by manufacturers are given strict requirements. In these two years, the automobile market development, the launch of new models emerge, as parts manufacturers, our products to keep up with the publishing of the new car, so as to meet the market's needs. And changes in the Chinese market will be more, in addition to improving their own ability to respond, in brand strategy, pricing strategies, marketing network construction and we are continually adjusted for foreign brands such as manhumoer, faster integration into the Chinese market is a very big issue. do you think auto parts industry will change the status of the layers of distribution, appeared like a home appliance industry: retail giant?