Knowledge of building water supply and drainage: the application of membrane filter in waste water treatment

Coal power plant running for non-continuity of the wastewater collection system, and the large range of instantaneous water, equipment selection, take into account the following principles:

(1) high efficiency and low consumption, the effluent can be discharged or recycled;

(2) recovery of fine soot trapped in order to reduce the amount of primary energy loss;

(3) good cleaning effect, without secondary pollution.

To deal with suspended solids content up to about 30000mg/L of coal slurry waste water, covers an area of generally conventional methods, and the presence of secondary pollution and lack of recovery of fine soot, it is negative. Comparison on the basis of determined by membrane filters as the main filter.

Work principle is the application of microfiltration membrane filter technology. Mainly by the end of cone shell, internal filter, valve and control equipment. Its key component is made by skeleton and skeleton composed of filter bags filter on. Filtering element fixed to the upper part of the filter on a perforated plate, perforated plate under the filter cylinder into rooms and rooms on 2 parts. Filter bags are made of PTFE microporous membrane and substrate compound and hydrophilic composite filter material for water treatment made from sewn together. Microporous membrane filter is to use uniform membrane microporous interception filter particles larger than the pore size of the particles in a liquid, such as suspended solids, bacteria, gel, etc.

Microfiltration and ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis is driven by pressure to achieve separation and enrichment purposes, there are no phase change and the transfer of the interface. Use of micro-filtration membrane for surface filtration, liquid suspensions are all collected on the surface of micro-filtration membrane, is one of the means of efficient solid-liquid separation. Microfiltration is a precision filtering technology. The General 0.1~10 μ m aperture range between between conventional filtration and ultrafiltration. According to the characteristics in the coal-containing particles, very fine, taking into account the filter effluent recycling, water after filtration tests determine the yangshupu power plant coal slurry pool waste water treatment membrane microfiltration membrane pore size of the filter. PTFE membrane has the following characteristics:

(1) membrane filter, filter-free, high-precision filtration, purification;

(2) the filtration resistance, low working pressure, low energy consumption;

(3) no media loss and cleaning characteristics, excellent recoil pressure is low;

(4) has a wide operating temperature range and excellent filtration and chemical stability