Knowledge of industry and drainage: diatomaceous earth filter what specific concepts

Diatomaceous earth filter equipment already large using Yu abroad of pool cycle water treatment system, and China currently of pool filter equipment also to traditional sand filter equipment mainly, but with water resources of shortage and people leisure entertainment Shi on artificial water water of senses requirements improve, improve processing effect and processing equipment of water energy-saving capacity increasingly by professional people of attention, with diatomaceous earth pre coated film filter equipment in pool cycle water system in the increasingly widely of application, its processing effect and water energy-saving of capacity gradually get recognized.

Theory flux kieselguhr filter used in swimming pool water treatment processes in a nearly 50-year history. In Japan, Europe, Africa, Australia and other areas rich in diatomite was commonly used. Theory flux kieselguhr filter as new technology into China in just 5 years, domestic use of diatomite filter pool has dozens of homes. In this year's pool of water supply and drainage design for the new technical regulations as a focus on the promotion of energy efficient products.