Market | ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis-technology and prospect analysis of domestic enterprises

18th 19:0 water Institute to physical chemistry, Peking University, Dr Fan Xiaobing, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis technology to do an in-depth briefing on the technical Outlook for the domestic enterprises. Dr van for very accomplished water purification technology, can be said to be technical, Daniel. Following over the course of a text-only version to learn water purification technology, absolutely dry!, UF

UF is one of pressure-driven membrane separation technology. Separation of macromolecules and small molecules for the purpose of membrane pore size between 20-1000A °. Hollow fiber ultrafilter (film) with high filling density in the unit container, covers an area of small advantages.

1. filtration accuracy-fishing

Ultrafiltration principles similar to nets, larger than the pore size of fish caught, and is smaller than the pore size of the fish is missing. We all know UF membrane is perforated, the aperture size of the decision, it can filter out what kind of material.

From this table we can see very intuitive ultrafiltration removes pore size 0.01 Micron micro-organisms, such as HIV and 1 micron bacteria 0.1 micron. So UF can remove bacteria and other micro-organisms, but some molecules and substances such as antibiotics are not.

2. how to make hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane-fans

Ultrafiltration is commonly used in hollow fiber ultrafiltration, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane manufacturing process like fans, one by one, is white. And fans of the difference is that this is a hollow, of course and the shape of the nozzle. In the middle of the figure below we can see, manufacture of hollow fiber nozzles with the filtrate in the Middle, surrounded by aggregation solution, this wire, which is circular.

3. characterization, techniques, materials, etc

Ultrafiltration membrane forms many small holes on the surface using micro-instruments to measure will find it's 0.01 Micron pore size. In General, ultrafiltration membrane pore size is similar to the normal distribution, as shown in the following figure. If, when buying the machine, ask the largest ultrafiltration membrane filter accuracy and precision on average will look very professional.

The second, reverse osmosis

1. the semipermeable membrane-quantitative change to qualitative change

Reverse osmosis principle of osmotic pressure depending on the materials, you can use reverse osmosis pressures greater than osmotic pressure, namely, reverse osmosis, achieve the aim of separation, extraction, purification and concentration.

2. reverse osmosis history-Interfacial polymerization

3. casting, performance improvement

Reverse osmosis film element production, as can be seen in the following figure, patch process is similar to the loom, and then coated with coatings.

Performance improvement: you want while increasing performance and desalination rate, can be seen from the reverse osmosis membrane desalination rate and flux are inversely related, while surface modified by flux.