NET to water: your body is no longer a filter

NET to water: your body is no longer a filter

Old saying goes: "the woman is made of water. "In fact, man is made of water. Because of moisture in the body, 70% body's major organs such as the brain, heart and lungs, kidneys and so on are full of a lot of water. Therefore, both men and women, the world on the human species, is composed basically of "water". Water is not only an integral part of the human body, the water in the regulation of human organs also play an important role in the operation, it can promote the digestion of food, maintaining a normal metabolism, are the body's "street sweeper".

Like all things depend upon sunlight air, water is fundamental to life. As we all know, flowers and watering it if we do not, it will wither and die; if in the case of food but no water, live for up to 7 days if only water no food to eat and live for more than 10 days or longer. Not only are plants and humans, can be said to all living creatures on Earth, without water. This is enough to explain the importance of water to our.

Water is essential for life, life dependent on water. While quality of life is closely related to health, according to the World Health Organization's health and life expectancy in the world survey, found village life all over the world have a common characteristic is the world's best water quality pollution-free natural villages, water comes from natural, rich in minerals that I need. From the perspective of modern medicine, life normal metabolism is required in trace amounts of mineral supplements, the body has a set form of liver and kidney purification system, detoxification of the liver is an important part of the filters of the kidney is fine, not only to isolate the skin health opportunities for contact with the outside world, but also through perspiration drained the body toxins. But the body's purification function is limited, when more than a physical system capacity, body disease. People who drink more, often the liver is bad, because over the liver.

But with the development of society, more and more waste. Frequent water pollution incidents from around the world is people flustered. China's water resources are facing two major challenges: one is the shortage of water resources is becoming increasingly acute; second, water pollution is still very serious. According to the relevant data show that diseases caused by drinking dirty water, accounted for more than 50%. In China, the water quality is even more worrying. Drinking water safety is a pressing task.

Appearance of the Water Purifier, let our body acts as a filter role, completely changed. NET to filter by UF, RO and other physical and chemical filtration, filter out the really pure water, let us drink the water really safe and secure, so that our body, is no longer a contaminant filter.