Teach you a move: reverse osmosis pure water system of the 4 basic elements

"Recently seen on television in many places water is not safe, don't know your home tap water there is no problem, so I tried to install water purifier. But too many varieties of water purifiers on the market, do not know which one to choose which one? "In recent times, who lives in Benson's home, she intends to install a water filter, but have not yet decided which brand to buy.

Many relatives are water purifiers are installed, cheap more than 1000 Yuan, expensive seven thousand or eight thousand Yuan. "Wu ladies told reporter, to select satisfaction of water device, she deliberately visited has many friends, they some said home using water device Hou, didn't feel water has obviously changes; some said just began available feel to water variable good has, even drink up also has trace sweet, but a time after, water on and into has" old like "; some said using water device Hou water has obviously changes, and has been keep have is good.

Interview with reporter found, like the Ms Wu is installed and install the hesitation of what brand of water filter and the public a minority. But in the face of various kinds of water filters, such as ultrafiltration water purifiers, reverse osmosis water purifiers, high energy magnetic water purifiers, electrolysis water purifiers, Wang really do not know what to choose.

Subsequently, the journalists visited Fang Lu, democratic way, tanan road number of shopping malls, stores, water counters, see a variety of functional water purifier's tagline is amazing. "Effective removal of spores and cysts, bacteria, viruses, metals and chemical pollutants such as chloroform", "you can get rid of substances that are harmful to the human body, also preserves the essential trace elements, make your body healthier."

So, what kind of product is chosen as home water purifier is good? One industry source told reporters that the water filter is the use of different filters, removing impurities and pollutants from water, and achieve the purpose of purification of water, remove the smell. In accordance with State regulations, Water Purifier is not permitted to add any functional materials. He said, select anti-penetration water device to has 4 a basic elements: a is to has anti-penetration film, only anti-penetration film of technology more mature, only can will water and other impurities completely separation; II is to "electric pressure", only electricity to will tap water "pressure" had anti-penetration film, or only by tap of pressure not enough to for filter; three is to row wastewater, not row wastewater words, impurities cannot discharge, only exists water device in the, long of will on body health more adverse; four is to has pressure tank, Pressure tank to store part of the already-filtered pure water, or "pressure" would be more trouble.

Relevant staff of the municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision said at present, the State and there is no certification for water purification. According to water purifier and bad condition of the product, consumers should try to choose products of well-known manufacturers. In addition, Water Purifier filter must be periodically replaced.

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