Ultrafiltration (UF for short) Water Purifier

Introduction of ultrafiltration UF (referred to as UF) membrane separation technologies are developed in recent years, molecular-level high and new technology. Film in 0.01-0.001 μ m aperture, molecular weight cut-off can be divided into 100,000, 50,000, 20,000, 6,000, and so on. Molecular weight smaller than common bacteria baiyubei, debris can be bacteria, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and bacteria similar in size small suspensions, colloids and heat rejection at close 100%. Ultrafiltration is a pressure-driven, solution purification, separation membrane through physical separation or concentration. Ultrafiltration membranes use polymer materials, safety and sanitation, with pollution, long service life, purification and separation process is operating at normal temperature, no phase change energy-saving, high-precision filtration and no secondary pollution. Application in the process of water purification, hollow fiber membranes depend on water wall covered with micro-holes in the colloid, impurity, rust, bacteria, algae, viruses, filter macromolecular organic compounds and other harmful substances, and retains beneficial minerals and trace elements in water. Combining high quality activated carbon can combine small molecule organic compounds, chlorine and other harmful substances removal, improve taste, so that the purified tap water, filtered water is clear sweet, direct health drink, ensure water.