Water Purifier common sense level 10 of the most common filters and functions of inventory

Water is the source of life, water quality is good or bad has been concerned, particularly serious impact to the environment today, Water Purifier has been gradually into people's lives. Water Purifier market even more dazzling, people start and filter as the filter's "heart", has been shopping hard on the target audience, then exactly which cartridge is better, I think a lot of people are not particularly clear, small series to introduce the current below level 10 of the most common filters and their functions

(1) PP cotton: 5 micron pore size filter cartridge, remove residual sediment, rust and other tiny impurities

(2) KDF (copper-zinc alloy: precision active carbon) removal of soluble lead in. Hg. heavy metals such as arsenic, and zinc supplements beneficial to the human body, a adsorption filter as a whole, in water free chlorine, chloroform removal rate of up to 96% and further removal of residues of pesticides in water. Fertilizers and radioactive substances, and discoloration, odor removal effectiveness. In deeper water halogenated hydrocarbons and organic compounds and other harmful substances, increases the sweet taste of the water. Longer core life, and metal removal rate of up to 99%.

(3) resins: for the large area of water hardness, the high content of calcium and magnesium in hard water, turn into soft water, prevent the human body from a diet of hard water and suffering from lithiasis.

(4) BIO care code:: sets with activation, mineralization, weakly alkaline, purified, ionized, antioxidant, negative potentials, detoxification, antibacterial, germicidal function in one, is a spindle of energy water filter, water generated by small molecules, ions, negative potentials against free radicals. Mineral water rich in trace elements, mineral absorption rate reached about 70%---90%, because of its activity, there is always. Solvent, penetration, diffusion capacity, washing and Emulsifying power is strong. Sweet taste, plenty of electrolytes, than commercially available mineral waters stored longer, excellent water quality and good Mediant.

(5) trace element mineral filter: using rich in human essential various inorganic trace mineral elements and 38 above, good water solubility and ion exchange.

(6) antioxidant cartridges: free radicals is an oxidation product of by oxidation and reduction can be cleared, redox potential minimum, better, higher energy activation of water, with low redox potential, is the lowest of any existing drinking water, good free radical scavenging.