2014 China Valve Top Ten List

The activities lasted three months, get has Government sector, and authority experts, and industry people of vigorously support, with China famous trademark database of advantage data, to online vote recommended for based, combined about enterprise information, and media reported, and research institutions for integrated evaluation, push elected representative China industry in the brand reputation degrees high, and products quality excellent, and enterprise credit good of brand, they is China industry in the of leading brand. "Boot brand, to create brand integrity" for the purpose, the spirit of dynamic management, the principles of openness and transparency, to reflect the standards of objectivity and accuracy is important, truly top ten brands are not rankings, not selection, neither recognition nor certified, not PPC, but customers brand experience true rendering of the final result.

2014 China valves ' top ten list of winners:

1 New Zealand via valve Corporation, Suzhou (trade name: Suzhou Neway)

2, Sichuan zigong high pressure valve Corporation (trademark: the zigong high pressure)

3, nuclear SUFA technology industry company limited (trade name: nuclear SUFA)

4 company limited, Zhejiang Chaoda valves (trade name: Super)

5, kaiweixi valve Group Limited (trade name: open weixi)

6, the Shanghai lianggong valve factory limited (trade name: good things)

7, sanhua holding Group Limited (trade name: three flowers)

8, China yuanda valve Group Limited (trade name: broad)

9, Beijing valve plant Corporation (trademark: Beijing-valve)

10, AMICO Group Limited (trade name: AMICO)