Pipeline Water Purifier Increased Requirements

Pipeline Water Purifier With the improvement of people's quality of life, water purifier will step into millions of households. Today I would like to explain the pipeline water purifier related knowledge. But you may not be very familiar with the pipeline water purifier,Pipeline Water Purifier  Pipeline water purifier is a kind of water purifier, mainly installed in the home of the main water pipe, the whole house of water purification, removal of impurities in the water to ensure that the whole family clean water. Don't worry, Pipeline Water Purifier if you have this demand, you may as well follow me to understand the relevant knowledge of the pipeline water purifier.

Installed in the tap water pipeline, remove harmful substances in a small volume, easy maintenance. The filter material used in pipeline water purifier is activated carbon, Pipeline Water Purifier pp cotton, KDF, ultrafiltration membrane, medical stone, mineral fossils and so on. Keep your body immune from contaminants and cancers.

1. There are no contaminants to keep families away from the risks of various diseases.

2. Tea more gan, family cooking more fragrant, clean vegetables, fruit cleaner.

3. With water purification activation, Pipeline Water Purifier weak alkaline, bowel poison, clear blood poison, reducing blood lipid effect, to enhance the body immunity.

Water purifier can not be purchased once and for all, need regular cleaning or replacement. It is easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria, no matter what material is used. In the use of the cycle, strict implementation of replacement standards, standardize the maintenance services. In the design of the product, the first front deposit filter is replaced 3 months, the second road, the Fourth Road and the fifth road 6 months. According to the different life of the filter, should be periodically replaced filter, cleaning, Pipeline Water Purifier maintenance. Ensure safe drinking water.

2. Avoid direct sunlight

Pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, will breed Lanzao. If there is direct sunlight, it is recommended to build a sunshade lid or baffle, so as to prevent algae.

3. Avoid heat source

Too close to the water heater, long-term baking, will affect the life of parts. Note: Keep the water fresh. The second is to clean the bucket before making water.

The pipeline water purifier is a kind of equipment installed on the piped water, purifying the tap water, removing impurities and harmful substances from the waters, Pipeline Water Purifier providing the family with high quality drinking water. The filter system is installed directly on the water pipe, the volume is small, does not occupy the place, moreover the maintenance is easy, is the household water purifier compares the good use a, the pipeline type water purifier generally divides into the cylinder, three cylinders, Pipeline Water Purifier five barrels these several, uses the filter material to be active carbon, the PP cotton, the KDF, the ultrafiltration membrane, the medical stone, the mineral fossils and It keeps you away from chlorine, and heavy metal contaminants, keeps the whole family away from cancer, makes tea more gan, cooks better, washes vegetables more clean, water activation, Pipeline Water Purifier weak alkaline, bowel poison, clear blood poison, blood lipids, water containing trace elements, is conducive to enhance the body immunity.