Water Softener The Role Of Protection

Water Softener As a home water treatment equipment, soft water machine and the purifier are very important role. Soft water can play a protective role in the equipment, especially for women's skin beauty is very effective, by the modern young people love. Ballett Water purification equipment experts said that the installation is actually very simple, Water Softener but need to be installed under certain conditions, Water Softener then the softener installation needs to meet what conditions?

Installing the Softener requires the following installation conditions:

First, the installation location near the water softener special floor drain, its location below the plane, and no obstruction;

Second, the installation location near the two-hole power outlet one;

Third, the water pressure must not be less than 2 kg, or the self equipped with booster pump, water pressure should not be higher than 4 kg, or the self with the valve;

Four, soft water machine inlet temperature 40 38, ambient temperature 40, installation position can not damp;

Five, chilled water inlet and outlet to the water softener installation position, and from the ground height of 20-25 centimeters. On the right is water, left water, Water Softener in and out of the center of the pipe 8-10 centimeters;

Six, the soft water machine installs the need to reserve the pipeline, the pipe need to wear the wall;

VII. If the soft water machine is installed in the cupboard, Water Softener it needs to be installed in the floor, and the relative dimensions should be reserved before installation.

The soft water machine and its function

When it comes to "clean water", most of us are aware of it, but it is not clear what it is or even confuse it with water. What is soft water, and what effect does it have? Today, we are going to make a popular science for everyone.

To know the soft water, first understand the hardness

The hardness of water depends on the content of soluble calcium and magnesium ions in water. After the water is boiled, the more the white scale is deposited, the higher the hardness of water is, the more the water is "hard", and conversely, the less the scale, the lower the hardness, Water Softener can be called "soft water".

As far as China is concerned, Water Softener the water quality of the northern cities is generally tougher than that of the South, which is why the small partners in the south are in the north and will find that the newly bought kettle soon accumulates a thick layer of scaling. Even sometimes the water in the basin, after a while there will be many white sediments.

In our daily life, soft water brings many unexpected comforts.

Remove scale, protect high-grade sanitary ware

1th, nature is the irritating scale of our eyes. Scale this annoying little fellow, often appears in our various pots and thermos. It looks like an eyesore, cleaning is also very laborious.

and accumulated a thick scale, Water Softener but also affect the heating speed and service life. In particular, our home water heaters, ground heating, boilers and other large equipment, Water Softener once the internal scaling must be asked to clean up professionals in time, otherwise light will increase energy consumption, heavy damage equipment, but also bring security risks. If you have the help of the soft water machine, we can easily say good-bye to scale.

General Advanced massage bathtub, Water Softener shower and other water outlets are very detailed, if the use of high hardness, not only the appearance will soon dim old, but also cause congestion, loss of the original comfortable Bath experience. If the use of soft water, then shower nozzle and the use of pipe will be very unobstructed, and will not easily plug, and the surface can maintain its original luster.