Emotional Ties To The Clean Water In The Disaster Area

Staff writer, Cixi, August 7 (reporter Liu Leping)-after the earthquake in ludian County, in urgent need of water, food and other supplies in the disaster area. "We are the first group of more than 60 sets of water purification machines and much-needed supplies have arrived in ludian, installation work is progressing quickly. "National standards drafting unit patio, head of the filter group, officials told a press conference, Shao Tong, ludian County in Yunnan province after the quake, Qinyuan group first rushed to the disaster area.

In fact, since August 3, ludian County earthquake, many companies donated large quantities of pure water and mineral water, bottled water, emergency works, but later settlements, water, water purification equipment, safe for human consumption, is undoubtedly more convenient and environmentally friendly. It is reported that Qin Yuan donated by the RO water purifier and lead water main installation in all Red Cross disaster sites, and established the Qin Yuan love water. "This Water Purifier water volume, the filtration precision is high, suitable for use in disaster areas. We will have professional installation and maintenance to ensure normal operation of the equipment and the health of the people in the disaster areas to safe drinking water. ”

It is reported that this batch of Qinyuan Water Purifier product can help solve nearly people safe drinking water problems. Above said that the patio will also have real-time disaster, actively cooperate with the disaster relief work and material contributions, expects the next batch of relief goods served immediately qiaojia County.