From The Top Ten Ranking Of The Filter Analyzes Water Purifier Market

With jiaxing died pig event, and farmer spring "standard door" event have was media exposure, great "a stone provoked thousand layer waves, continues another" of potential, as general mass family we more of is for himself of drinking water health, and security problem was concerns, and also has part people in this two pieces things behind see has a huge of opportunities, that is family terminal water treatment equipment of market potential, actually family terminal water treatment equipment main is to water device for representative, This industry in China also has development over has 20 years, in years former is a absolute of "cock silk" industry, but due to water environment of not optimistic, and people for water health of requirements constantly improve, market Shang for water device of needs increasingly big, especially encountered some water pollution event Shi will appeared water device snapped up phenomenon, appeared broken goods situation, like in jiaxing died pig event occurred Hou, Shanghai of King ladies prepared to himself company installation water device, finally select to for of brand, But until told takes 15 days later, and can say that this is a faithful portrayal of the hot water purifier market, anyway, once the "cock" has now become "high rich handsome" potential.

The "cock" to "high rich handsome" the evolution of what changes in the industry

We are know "cock silk" concern degrees is is low, water device industry had as edge industry, even also was called luxury, show in mass Qian of problem natural will relative will less many, and "high handsome rich" different go in where are can attract most people of eye, belongs to high concern degrees type, water device industry into 21st century yilai, with domestic a professional, and cross brand of birth, and growth, and rise, especially in 2008 global economic crisis outbreak, almost is industries are suffered to has must of trauma , However water device is became has few contrarian rose of industry, from water device industry name Yang "world", attract has many investors have into water industry, also is this a time to water should be home, and beauty of, and Qin Park, and Angel, and State rose, for representative of domestic water device brand quickly growth, especially water should be home in one fell swoop won professional water device first brand honors, beauty of won cross first brand, Marco Polo in consumers heart set has straight drink machine first brand of glory image, also break has to 3M, and Yi mouth, and Everpure, as a representative of the pattern of most of the domestic market imported brands, the overnight "rivers and changed"-like development, making Water Purifier industry still has some problems to this day.

Water Purifier how fire, how busy top ten ranking

On the top ten ranking of the Filter version is is proportional to the water purification industry brands, you can say how much water purifier market fire, how busy top ten ranking. For China broadcast network to third party identity, for fair, and just of ten brand ranking, aimed at better of promote industry development and for consumers, and investors provides a most authority of reference standard, the ranking has over 180 Home Professional, and cross water device brand participation, HC water industrial network, and water purchase network, and SINA, and Sohu, and NetEase, and Phoenix weekly, and and news, domestic dozens of home authority media for consumers reputation collection, in technology aspects by China water Industrial Association for professional reviews, Come 2013, the latest and most authoritative water purifiers top ten ranking: Shui Yi House, the United States, Marco Polo, patio, Angel, Haier, 3M, liter, open, loving Hui Pu.

Water Purifier industry pricing chaos, GB set still need to wait for

Water purifiers brands currently on the market in China already have more than 3,500, and there are preparing to set up water purifiers brands and some kitchen cabinets, bathroom, household appliances brand conglomerate, is expected by the end of 2013 is expected to exceed 4,000. This on makes high school low three level market price competition while "flowering", according to Marco Polo water device planning team related head introduced currently price chaos of main reasons has: first, and national professional standard has been didn't can developed out, makes all brand the holding claims; second, and high-end market chaos main is fake Ocean brand, caught domestic consumers has "foreign of moon more round" of psychological, has data survey displayed currently domestic so-called of imports brand has 90% of are is put with Sheepskin of Wolf; again, and Mid-tier market confusion mainly branded man homophonic nonce words be branded, slightly inattentive consumers fooled; Finally, the low end of the market are some household products produced, cut corners or using inferior material to save production costs, grow out products at very low prices.

Water Purifier market problems are many, but the industry Outlook is very uncertain

ndeniable is the development of an industry will be facing some of these, such issues, current water filters water purification industry, headed by top ten brands of high-end brand Alliance together water industry associations in China have already started drafting industry standards, I believe this is good news for consumers. So how do you bring water purifier market Outlook in the future? China water device penetration even in North wide deep such of most city are also not to 15%, in two or three line city penetration more low, and in some remote area penetration almost for zero, phase compared Europe, and day Han developed and area they of water device penetration has reached has 70% above, according to Tencent financial, and SINA financial, and NetEase financial, and water device purchase network, General recognized 2015 China water device market scale will reached 50 billion.

Believe with the perfection of water purification industry, will usher in the development stage, will be the same as TV sets, refrigerators, air conditioners became household necessities.