Hundreds of hacker invention cost just $ 1 3D print filters

21st century what was the most expensive item? The answer is more than one, but clean air and water will be one of them. According to statistics, there are nearly 800 million people do not have clean drinking water in the world, 680,000 people dieeach year from waterborne diseases. A few days ago, 100 supporting eco-friendlyeco-hackers is a castle in Western Paris held an activity called POC21 to help solvewater predicament.

One program is called Faircap, and its goal is to use the open source 3D printing water purifiers provides clean drinking water for people, the design of the filter file is open source, available for free download, and can be screwed directly into the standard PET on the spout of the kettle.

After tests found that, Faircap 3D printing water purifiers can be the most dirty particles in water, chemicals, bacteria and virus filtered out, but to make it, need to prepare is a 3D printer, and FDA food grade approved PET wire, download free STL file, homemade charcoal filter, cotton swabs and empty plastic bottles.

When the 3D print out after the Water Purifier housing, also use normal fire wood charcoal activated carbon filters and salt to make their own. How to kill pathogens in the water, there are two Faircap think is feasible: first, rely on off-the-shelf Super cartridge remove viruses and bacteria. After the second, filter the water in the Sun for a few hours, by sunlight killed bacteria.

For the benefit of more people, Faircap has also initiated preparatory activities in order to raise funds to mass-produce this simple water filtration devices available to them. Future they want to be able to offer a variety of different types of 3D printing filters, these filters can filter from water, rivers, lakes, ponds, sewage, while it costs about $ 1.