Made In China Dalian, 2025 Plan

Manufacturing engineering:

Focus on shipbuilding, bearings, machine tools, refrigeration equipment, innovation in areas such as development of common needs, construction of a number of manufacturing Innovation Center. Supporting high-tech zone to promote "2025 Innovation Center". Dalian of industrial based and industry compared advantage, to 2020, relies on ship, backbone enterprise, towards created "high-tech ship and marine engineering" one national innovation Center; relies on w axis, and big machine, and in the car in even enterprise, and thaw section storage can, and iceberg, and Dalian heavy workers, and big Dr, and Dalian dimension de, backbone enterprise, construction high-speed overload precision large bearing, and intelligent manufacturing, and advanced track traffic equipment, and storage can technology, and refrigeration equipment, and wind electric, and clothing, and IC, and fine chemical, a city level Innovation Center.

Quality brand engineering:

Adhere to technical standards lead to improve the quality of, set up "industrialization of technological patents, patents of standardization, standard" chain platform, encouraging enterprises, industry associations to participate in industry standards, and the formulation and revision of national and international standards. Encourage enterprises ' product quality tracking, improvement of intellectual property protection and brand-building tool. Actively implementing the brand strategy, foster formed a group of loud brands. Increased support for enterprises to develop or participate in the development of key technical standards. Establishment of enterprise credit classification supervision system of quality and credit enterprises reporting platform, improving the quality and integrity of system, for promise enterprises execute a society of punishing defense with finality.

High-end equipment innovation project:

Aimed at high-end manufacturing field and industries, full play technology innovation of support led role, in ship with large crankshaft, and power traction locomotive, and new energy car, and marine engineering equipment and the high-tech ship, and high-end NC machine and robot, and wind electric nuclear power unit key equipment, and new storage can equipment, field implementation a innovation engineering, development a led sex strong, and has core competitiveness of focus products and major equipment, breakthrough a common key technology.

Industrial Engineering:

Investing in "four" research and development capabilities, Dalian into full play in colleges and universities and research institutes, research and development support, and address core infrastructure components (components) of product performance and stability problems. Organizing advanced forming, processing and other key manufacturing technology and high-end equipment for joint research, improvement and innovation of leading enterprises in production systems. Implementation of the first (set) policy to support the core components (components), advanced technology, critical basis material application.

Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering:

According to the national development plan of intelligent manufacturing and the development of clear objectives, priorities and focus areas of the technology roadmap, relying on the city's manufacturing base advantage, determine the technological direction and goals. Promoting the development of next-generation information technology and manufacturing technology, focus on the development of intelligent equipment and intelligent products, advance the intelligence production process, new means of production, improve the whole level and the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Green Manufacturing:

With industrial policy to help push green manufacturing. Policy regulatory support lead, support and guide the enterprises and research institutions around the traditional manufacturing industry energy efficiency promotion, cleaner production, such as pollution control, water conservation and recycling common technology. Strict control of high energy-consuming industries and industries with surplus production capacity project, accelerating the Elimination of backward production capacity, with the focus on upgrading traditional industries, green, efficient recycling of resources. Strengthen green manufacturing energy-saving standards and strive to build a highly efficient, clean, low-carbon, cycle of green manufacturing system.

By 2020, the rate of comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste 88%; 20 built green demonstration plants, 5 Green Park. By 2025, the manufacturing of green development and consumption of main products reach the world advanced level, green manufacturing system basically established.

Areas of focus:

Around the next-generation information technology, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, offshore engineering equipment and advanced high-tech ships, rail transportation equipment, and other key areas of new energy vehicles, gathering resources, promoting fast development of manufacturing industry.