Pipeline Water Purifier Better Water Quality

Central pipeline water purifier has a variety of water purification methods, with PP fiber cotton and activated carbon filter, Pipeline Water Purifier a filter to filter and other different ways of water purification. In the market, with the ultrafiltration membrane of the central pipeline water purifier majority, compared to PP cotton and activated carbon filter filter more accurate, better water quality. Pipeline Water Purifier So we choose the central pipeline water purifier, with a preferred ultrafiltration membrane of the central pipeline water purifier

Each qualified water purifier should be equipped with a hygienic qualified permit, so we should also check whether the water purifier has the relevant document approval and other relevant authority inspection report when purchasing the central pipeline water purifier.

There are many kinds of filter in the central pipeline water purifier, the life of each filter is not the same, under normal circumstances, the central pipeline water purifier filter cycle are generally six months to 3 years or so, if the subdivision to the filter. The PP cotton filter for about six months; Pipeline Water Purifier KDF filter about 1 - 2 years; Maifanshi filter about 1 year; mineralized ball filter for about 1 year; rear activated carbon was about 1 year. Need to explain here, KDF is a high purity alloy material, the main removal of heavy metals in water, so the use of a long time, while the activated carbon is the adsorption effect, the longer the use of time, the lower the efficacy.

Home installation of water purifiers and the use of direct drinking water pipeline, which is better? At present, more water purifier brand, the quality of good and bad, Pipeline Water Purifier the service can not keep up. According to the current coastal water quality, only reverse osmosis water purifier water quality is ideal, the disadvantage is smaller filter, easy to adsorb saturation or blockage, to frequently replace the filter and filter, otherwise the filter will be trapped by the pollutant To the subsequent filter, Pipeline Water Purifier leading to secondary pollution. Charcoal quality, booster pump, water storage tank and membrane components are the main components of reverse osmosis water purifier, each part of the problem, will directly affect the water quality

General household water purifier to use RO filtration technology. This technology, although the filter effect is good, but the filtered water contains only hydrogen ions and oxygen ions, in the taste of the lack of water and trace nutrients are also filtered out.

Pipeline straight drinking water is a nanofiltration filter technology, after filtering still retains the beneficial trace elements and minerals, so when drinking sweet and nutritious.

Home water purifier filter replacement can not guarantee the timeliness. After filtering the water has not been a formal test, can not protect the user's drinking water safety.

Pipeline straight drinking water according to the actual user water situation, the timely replacement of the filter, and a weekly inspection staff will be a professional water quality testing, and timely announcement to protect the user's drinking water safety, good health