Pipeline Water Purifier Issues To Consider

Decorate new house, Pipeline Water Purifier if need install water purifier, can consider beforehand design. Many friends in the market bought water purifier, home installation, the construction of the master will tell him, can only install the kitchen water purifier, Pipeline Water Purifier if you want other water purification equipment need to install, to break the wall open. This problem, it really wants you to decorate the time to set aside good clean water line can solve the problem. Force source Water Purifier experts said: Water purifier will become the mainstream of domestic drinking water treatment programs, so reserved water purification line is the decoration must be considered.

Ocean water Purifier Experts said, at present, the customer reflects the situation is very normal, in the renovation of hydro-electric heating concealed works, because customers do not understand, Pipeline Water Purifier and did not find a professional company to do, no man-made customers to consider some popular or in the next few years will be popular machine equipment location, there is no water and power reserved. Decoration, the professional company will remind customers to reserve pipelines for later use, Pipeline Water Purifier while some guerrillas or small company construction personnel only consider their own construction convenience, afraid to extend the duration, construction trouble, the location of the stay does not stay, resulting in a lot of problems later.

For example, the waterway construction of the current market hours are a house of 100 yuan, the general two Wei a kitchen 300 yuan hours of work, the normal company construction to the customer to reserve solar energy, gas water heaters, electric water heaters, hot water po, Pipeline Water Purifier central hot water, small kitchen po, softener, front filter, central water purification, pipeline machines, direct drinking machines and other equipment, waterways and circuits, customers can according to their preferences and economic ability to determine one or more of the location reservation. If the number of reservations increased will increase the duration, Pipeline Water Purifier but the wages are still so much, so only regular water heating company will do so. Only by waterway, circuit reservation, the late will not have too much regret.

Installed in the tap water pipeline, remove harmful substances in a small volume, easy maintenance. The filter material used in pipeline water purifier is activated carbon, Pipeline Water Purifier pp cotton, KDF, ultrafiltration membrane, medical stone, mineral fossils and so on. Keep your body immune from contaminants and cancers.

1. There are no contaminants to keep families away from the risks of various diseases.

2. Tea more gan, family cooking more fragrant, clean vegetables, fruit cleaner.

3. With water purification activation, Pipeline Water Purifier weak alkaline, bowel poison, clear blood poison, reducing blood lipid effect, to enhance the body immunity.

1, pay attention to timely change the filter

Water purifier can not be purchased once and for all, need regular cleaning or replacement. It is easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria, no matter what material is used. In the use of the cycle, strict implementation of replacement standards, standardize the maintenance services. Pipeline Water Purifier In the design of the product, the first front deposit filter is replaced 3 months, the second road, the Fourth Road and the fifth road 6 months. According to the different life of the filter, should be periodically replaced filter, cleaning, maintenance. Ensure safe drinking water.

2. Avoid direct sunlight

Pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, will breed Lanzao. If there is direct sunlight, it is recommended to build a sunshade lid or baffle, so as to prevent algae.

3. Avoid heat source

Too close to the water heater, long-term baking, will affect the life of parts. Note: Keep the water fresh. The second is to clean the bucket before making water.