Pipeline Water Purifier The Course Of Development

The essence of water purifier and piping is that in the water supply industry in China, Pipeline Water Purifier the water supply can not be fully guaranteed to meet the specific background of supplying safe drinking water to the people, and then the deep purification treatment is carried out in the treatment and purification process. In order to ensure and improve the quality of safe drinking water, Pipeline Water Purifier it is the supplement of the water supply industry, Pipeline Water Purifier the extension and development of safe drinking water system engineering, the part of safe drinking water guarantee in our country, which plays an active role in improving and improving the people's safe drinking water quality and safeguarding public health. This paper will briefly describe the development of water supply in Chinese water purifier and pipeline.

Household water purifier into Shanghai in the middle of the 80. At that time, Pipeline Water Purifier the water quality of Shanghai was poor, the smell of chlorine was heavy, Pipeline Water Purifier and people needed to use household water purifiers to improve the taste of tap water. In 1985, Mr. Tong Lishan founded the first water purifier enterprise in Shanghai, while the production of small household water purifiers and larger unit groups with water purifier (commercial water purifier), and take the trademark "fairy child."

In the development process of the water purifier industry, some entrepreneurs find out from practice, only pay attention to the quality of drinking water is not enough, because the human exposure to harmful substances in the waters in addition to the mouth intake, but also from the bathing, washing skin contact; In particular, Pipeline Water Purifier volatile chemicals, 1/3 by shower absorption, 1/3 through the mouth intake, 1/3 in washing or bathing inhalation. Accordingly, the domestic factory has designed and produced a home central water purifier, not only to solve the intake of drinking water quality, but also to prevent the skin inhalation of pollutants in the problem, Pipeline Water Purifier so as to improve and improve the people's drinking water and quality of life has been in-depth development.

As a new way of drinking water, piped water has attracted thousands of companies to invest in it, but also because of the complexity of the scope of knowledge involved in the withdrawal.Pipeline Water Purifier At present, from the completion of the number and size of the project, Pipeline Water Purifier the domestic more successful enterprises have deep water haina, Nanjing Water Cup subsidiary and some urban water company subsidiaries. The National Representative Project has: Guangzhou Baiyun Golf Residential District, Shenzhen Meilin Yi, dongying housing project, Daqing oilfield, Suzhou Linglong Bay Garden, Beijing Olympic venues. Pipeline Water Purifier It is these that drive a city of water supply projects and even the development of the banner of the industry, the first unknown new things into the urban residential construction projects in the quality of the benchmark, Pipeline Water Purifier in the drinking water market has gradually formed a pipeline of water supply, household water purifier, bucket water three pattern.

China's water quality situation is grim, water emergencies occurred, Pipeline Water Purifier water pollution crisis occurred frequently, to the drinking water quality processor industry to provide a good opportunity for rapid development, the domestic market demand is very large, involving the water purification industry enterprises have rapidly developed to 3000-4000. In addition, as a result of the production of China's water purifier quality improvement, basic and international standards, cheap, export volume, Pipeline Water Purifier the international market situation optimistic.

China's national standards of water purifier and related regulatory standards are further improved and sound, strengthen the industry self-discipline,Pipeline Water Purifier will further promote the healthy development of drinking water quality processor industry in China. The relevant departments of the Government should focus on drinking water source protection, improving the purification treatment measures of waterworks and reforming the pipeline network,Pipeline Water Purifier  supplying safe drinking water to the public, Pipeline Water Purifier and should actively support and guide the healthy development of water purifier and pipeline in different aspects.