Pipeline Water Purifier The Improvement

With the improvement of quality of life requirements, Pipeline Water Purifier water purifiers will gradually enter the tens of thousands of households. Today I want to explain the knowledge of the pipeline water purifier. But we may not be very familiar with the pipeline water purifier, Pipeline Water Purifier pipeline water purifier is a water purifier, mainly installed in the main water pipe on the family, Pipeline Water Purifier the whole house of water purification, removal of impurities in the water to ensure that the family's Clean water. Do not worry, if you have this demand, may wish to work with me to understand the relevant knowledge of the pipeline water purifier.

Installed in the water pipe, remove harmful substances in the water, small size, easy maintenance. Pipeline water purifier used for the activated carbon, pp cotton, kdf,Pipeline Water Purifier ultrafiltration membrane, medical stone, mineral fossils and so on. So you stay away from pollutants and cancer, Pipeline Water Purifier is conducive to enhancing the body immunity.

1. There is no risk of keeping the family away from the various diseases.

2. red tea more Gan, the family cooking more fragrant, cleaning vegetables, fruit more clean.

3. With water purification, weak alkaline, row of intestinal poison, Pipeline Water Purifier clear blood poison, lower blood lipid effect, is conducive to enhancing the body immunity.

After the purchase of water purifier can not once and for all, need to regularly clean or replace. Because no matter what kind of material filter, or easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria. In the use of the cycle, the strict implementation of the replacement criteria, standard post-maintenance services. Pipeline Water Purifier In the product design, the first front of the precipitation filter 3 months to replace once, the second, fourth and fifth road 6 months to replace once. According to the different filter life, Pipeline Water Purifier should regularly replace the filter, cleaning, maintenance. To ensure safe drinking water.

Pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, will produce algae. Pipeline Water Purifier If there is direct sunlight, it is recommended to build a shade of the lid or baffle, so play anti-algae effect.

Rely on water heaters too close, long baking, will affect the life of parts. Note: to ensure fresh water. Second, the water before the barrel to clean.

Pipeline water purifier is usually used membrane separation technology to purify water quality,

Membrane separation technology refers to the molecular level of different particle size molecules in the mixture through the semipermeable membrane, to achieve selective separation technology, semi-permeable membrane, also known as separation membrane or membrane, membrane wall covered with holes, Pipeline Water Purifier according to the size of the pore size Can be divided into: microfiltration membrane (MF), Pipeline Water Purifier ultrafiltration membrane (UF), nanofiltration membrane (NF), reverse osmosis membrane (RO) and so on, tap water than the pore size of impurities and harmful substances can not be removed through the filter , So as to obtain higher quality drinking water.

The whole water treatment process is the depth of the raw water through the fine filter filter filtration, softening, membrane (RO reverse osmosis) separation, Pipeline Water Purifier ozone sterilization and other processes to remove harmful heavy metals in water, organic matter, bacteria and viruses and other impurities, Pipeline Water Purifier making it a high-quality drinking Water purification (pure water) through the dedicated special health pipeline directly into each household, for residents to use, Pipeline Water Purifier and the original tap water completely separated from the original tap water to become miscellaneous water. (Frequency of water supply refers to the treatment of pure water to the user to send water) full pure water production process can also refer to the barrel (bottle) installed pure water production process