Pipeline Water Purifier The Role

Although the market is full of an array of drinking fountains and water purification equipment, but because of water purification equipment in China has not yet universal, Pipeline Water Purifier consumers of a variety of innovative water concept is very vague, little knowledge, often the line machine, Pipeline Water Purifier straight drink machine and pure water Machine and other equipment confusion.

Pipeline machine: What is the pipeline machine? Pipeline machine is the pipeline water dispenser. Pipeline machine is like an extension of our home central air conditioning, it can not be used independently, it must be through the food grade PE pipe, connected to direct drinking water, or connect a small water processor (we called water purifier), pipeline machine to store Direct drinking water, and provide heating or cooling function. Pipeline Water Purifier Therefore, it is not a water purifier, no filtering function, only to boil water, ice water effect, it is supporting the water purifier extension, or pipeline dispenser, the equivalent of traditional drinking fountains, Pipeline Water Purifier with water purification equipment Combined use. Compared to drinking fountains, the pipeline machine is more safe than the safety and safety point, but to ensure that the filter replacement cycle. Pipeline machine in the use of a great convenience to our daily life.

Straight drink machine: what is straight drink machine? Water purifier and water machine collectively, straight drink machine is a purification filter function, Pipeline Water Purifier the water filter diameter of 0.01 microns about the water purifier are Water, can be directly raw drink, containing minerals; but the grid recommended the northern region and the water pollution is called the northwest region is best to use the filter accuracy of up to 0.0001 micron RO pure water machine, as a direct drink water purifier better.Pipeline Water Purifier  Or the northern region and the Northwest region of the proposed cleaning of the ultrafiltration machine will be boiled to drink the best.

At present, the most popular straight drink machine is divided into reverse osmosis water purifier (RO pure water machine), ultrafiltration water purifier (nanofiltration water purifier), Pipeline Water Purifier multi-level activation energy water purifier, which filter precision from strong to weak.

1, the use of the world's most advanced US RO reverse osmosis membrane for water treatment, filtration accuracy of 0.001 microns to ensure that the quality of drinking water, Pipeline Water Purifier that is, the pure water in the reverse osmosis of the water is very pure, this product is suitable for families, , Factories, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics, chemicals, hollow equipment, Pipeline Water Purifier cleaning glass, and microelectronic industrial equipment pure water, home and school drinking water.

2, the use of brand-name ultra-quiet diaphragm pump, Pipeline Water Purifier long life, reliable operation, low noise, low interference.

 3, five filters, the effective use of the filter to the effective role of the removal of raw water in the sediment, suspended solids, colloids, organic matter,Pipeline Water Purifier heavy metals, soluble solids, bacteria, viruses, ions, inorganic salts, heat and other harmful impurities Keep water molecules and dissolve oxygen.

4, with high pressure flushing reverse osmosis membrane function, Pipeline Water Purifier the cumulative work 2 hours automatically flush once, can effectively extend the life of reverse osmosis membrane.

5, automatic control of the water process (raw water shortage, water tank full stop).

6, is now made with the current drink, Pipeline Water Purifier high purity, low cost, all-round to meet your drinking water needs.

7, this product is suitable for individuals, units, Pipeline Water Purifier factories, food, beverages, medicine, electronics, chemicals, hollow equipment, cleaning glass, and micro-electronics industrial equipment pure water, home and school drinking water.

8, in accordance with the actual needs of customers to determine the type of purchase of pure water machine.