Pipeline Water Purifier The Specific Background

Water purifier and pipeline water quality is essentially in the water industry in China can not fully meet the public to provide safe drinking water in a specific context, Pipeline Water Purifier in the drinking water treatment purification process on the tap water further purification to ensure and improve the safety The quality of drinking water is a supplement to the water industry. It is an extension and development of safe drinking water system. It is an integral part of the work of safe drinking water security in China. Pipeline Water Purifier It is an important part in improving and improving people's safe drinking water quality and protecting people's health. Pipeline Water Purifier effect. This article will briefly describe the development of China's water purifier and pipeline water supply.

In the 1970s, the United States revealed harmful substances in drinking water, mainly chlorine and its disinfection by-products used in tap water treatment processes, Pipeline Water Purifier and the carcinogenic problems of drinking people. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the United States began to use the home terminal purification device to further deal with tap water, the depth of purification, which gave birth to the domestic drinking water quality processor, Pipeline Water Purifier commonly known as household water purifier.

Household water purifier in the mid-eighties into the last century. Pipeline Water Purifier At that time, Shanghai's tap water quality is poor, chlorine smell in water, Pipeline Water Purifier people need to use household water purifier to improve the taste of tap water. In 1985, Mr. Tong Lishan in Shanghai to create China's first water purifier business, while the production of small household water purifiers and larger units with water purifiers (commercial water purifier), Pipeline Water Purifier and take the trademark as "fairy "

Due to some of the defects of the water purifier (mainly activated carbon water purifier is not timely replacement of the filter, the growth of mold and other microorganisms, Pipeline Water Purifier resulting in excessive water microbial and excessive nitrite), production enterprises after-sales service, Pipeline Water Purifier especially water purifier market Chaos, fake and shoddy products flooded, causing adverse effects. At the time of some newspapers to water purifier dubbed the "sewage", the media exposure after the sharp drop in sales of water purifiers, production enterprises have converted or closed down, while the bottled drinking water industry began to rise, Pipeline Water Purifier water purifier whole industry into a trough The

In the development of the water purifier industry,Pipeline Water Purifier some entrepreneurs from the practice found that only pay attention to the quality of drinking water is not enough, because people exposed to harmful substances in the water in addition to oral intake, Pipeline Water Purifier but also from the bath, washing the skin Contact; especially volatile chemicals, 1/3 by shower when absorbed, 1/3 oral intake, 1/3 in the washing or bath inhalation. Accordingly, the domestic manufacturers have designed and produced a family central water purifier, Pipeline Water Purifier not only to solve the oral intake of drinking water quality, but also to prevent the skin inhalation of pollutants in the water problem, Pipeline Water Purifier so that improve and improve the public drinking water and domestic water Quality has been in-depth development.