Pneumohydraulic Pump Patent Approved

I produced the gas-liquid booster pump (specific name: compressed air driven liquid pump) has no temperature, high pressure, characteristic of pressure for a long time. With rich choice of pressure ratio and flow rate. The product's patent application has been formally approved by the State intellectual property office, patent number: 200620093742.4.

I produced the gas-liquid booster pump has been widely used in General Motors, Volkswagen, Hyundai, hafei auto and brilliance Jinbei automobile production line. Other client applications covering wind power generating equipment of hydraulic station, fixture and tool change device of hydraulic power supply, tension device for rubber machinery, petroleum mechanical disc brake device, mobile high pressure lubrication, water Dam as well as laboratory equipment, such as building materials. In some special areas have been completely replaced imported products and specially designed according to the application, after multiple users long application of proven performance superior to imported products.