Super Special Membrane Reverse Osmosis Water Reuse Of Waste Water Zero Discharge Process Of Scientific And Technological Achievement Appraisal "held In The Science And Technology Bureau Of Sichuan Province

On April 1, 2016, the "Super changsheng special pharmaceutical wastewater by membrane reverse osmosis water reuse the zero discharge process of scientific and technological achievement appraisal" held in the science and Technology Bureau of Sichuan province. It is reported that the zero-emission project undertaken by Chengdu Fu membrane technology company limited.

Sichuan province Technology Office results at Director Yang Pinhua presided over the appraisal, original Chengdu city environmental protection Science Institute Dean engineer Zhou Xianyuan, and Sichuan province ring section hospital Technology Advisory limited responsibility company General Manager and the engineer Liu Yongqi, and Chengdu city environmental protection Science Institute engineer Jia Binyang, and Sichuan University Professor doctoral mentor Zhu spectrum new, and Chengdu Polytechnic University material and chemical College Deputy Dean Professor Long Jianping, and town for drainage Association engineer Zhong Zebin, attended Conference, beauty Foote Deputy Chairman Ma Lian, and Administrative personnel director Zhu Huabin, Chief Engineer Office Director Li Gaochuan attended the meeting.

"Changsheng water reuse in zero-emission" is the Asia's largest zero-emission project of special membranes in water reuse. The appraisal changsheng pharmaceutical company in Inner Mongolia high concentration pharmacy wastewater with high salinity using special membrane of water reuse technology in advanced discussions. The project for high concentration pharmacy wastewater with high salinity, mainly for penicillin in pharmaceutical waste water, making water system of concentrated water, water drainage and Wastewater biochemical effluent with zero emissions.

Chengdu rich presence of membrane technology at the end of 2013, changsheng project site, began a three-month pilot, October 2014 at the commencement of the project, total design of sewage treatment 6300t/d. Entire process by roller RO+SUPERRO+ evaporation, SUPERRO membrane components amounted to more than 400 of them. Production in 2015 so far, stable operation, owner implemented the multiple economic, environmental and social benefits.

Foerster-Chief Engineer Office Director Li Gaochuan were explained in detail "the pharmaceutical special membrane reverse osmosis water reuse of waste water zero discharge technology" experts on the relevant questions and suggestions on the technology, agreed that special film pharmaceutical wastewater zero discharge process for domestic water reuse in advanced technology, and have high hopes for this technology is widely used.