Swimming Pool Water Treatment Technology Research And Development Of New Results-valveless Gravity Filter

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Swimming pool water treatment technology research and development of new results-valveless gravity filter

There are many kinds of swimming pool water treatment equipment, common swimming pool with traditional-type and wall-type device. New automated efficient fine filter, this gravity devices completely replaced the traditional sand filtration equipment and wall-mounted. There are many differences between the three devices. New valveless gravity filter advanced technology runs down the whole system without manual operation, automatic and high efficiency.

Swimming pool water treatment equipment: valveless gravity filter

Villa villa with swimming pool design naturally without swimming pool equipment. Villa villa with swimming pool equipment pool designer's eye, just like a pen in the eyes of writers to show essential, that the weight we can imagine. Gravitational pool in the life of one machine in the Villa and swimming pool, all looked so perfect, seems to be swimming pool operators gravity pool one love has been unable to extricate themselves and cannot judge of a State.

Gravity equipment innovation in water treatment technologies in the pool have a milestone role.

Valveless gravity filter device is a novel, non-electric facilities, no transmission and no backwash pump equipment. It uses a special and simple way, successfully resolved due to human actions in the filter, backwash and other all kinds of problems in the process. Better bring automatic work advantage, therefore, has incomparable superiority other filters can economically and effectively solve the filters (pool) to solve a variety of problems, very satisfactory results have been achieved, the majority of users welcomed.