Water Softener Exchange Technology

Water Softener The most common water softener equipment treatment technology is the ion exchange technology. Advanced Water purifier All ion exchange resins, usually sulfonate-type sodium ion-exchange resins. The raw water to be treated after the resin, the water can be harmful impurity ions (mainly calcium CA, mg mg ions) adsorbed in the resin, to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality. With the increase of water treatment volume, Water Softener the adsorption of impurities more and more, the softening machine equipment resin adsorption capacity will gradually reduce, but to remove the resin adsorption impurities (mainly calcium CA, mg mg ions), Water Softener it is necessary to use sodium ions (NA), through the Backwash method, through ion exchange and resin adsorption of impurity ions (mainly calcium CA, mg mg ions), replaced, thus recovering ion exchange resin adsorption capacity, Water Softener this process also known as water softener equipment ion exchange resin regeneration.

Special salt characteristic of soft water machine equipment:

1, the water softener equipment special salt purity of up to 99.5%.

2, does not contain any impurities: hard things, stolen goods and sediment to make the water softener equipment scaling.

3, water softener equipment, soft water salt shape to maintain the same, no bypass, no lump, to ensure the quality and efficiency of soft water.

4, soft water machine equipment does not add any additives.

As the name suggests is the brain of the soft water machine, through the internal different path to control the flow direction of the waters, get the desired process. For valves, it is not a strange word. A variety of valves in life everywhere, big to control the shuttle, Water Softener small to tap, in fact, can be understood as different kinds of valves. Based on the civilian market we face, or to introduce suitable for civil soft water equipment valve.

For domestic water softener equipment used in the valve, Water Softener we are commonly referred to as the multi-channel control valve: the use of various methods to guide the waters from the desired place flow, so as to achieve different functions.

Soft water machine Equipment control valve is also called regenerative control valve, is the most central part of the water softener, according to the different control valves, Water Softener soft water machine can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic type. Automatic control valve Water softener regeneration when the amount of wastewater produced by small, less salt consumption, can be regenerated at any time and softening; semi-automatic control valve consumption of salt, wastewater.

All automatic water softener equipment needs power consumption, and is divided into time type, flow type, time flow dual control controller, their characteristics are unique.

Soft water Machine Control valve Time type: is to set the time to regenerate, Water Softener the advantage is the regeneration does not affect the use, the disadvantage is no matter how much water you use, whether the need to regenerate, to the time to automatically regenerate.