Water Softener Filtration Technology

Pure water machine using reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology to remove all the bacteria and viruses in the water, and retain a small amount of minerals. Household water machine began selling in Beijing in 1995, Water Softener through more than a decade of use, the user expressed a very satisfied with the filtered water quality.

It is generally installed in the kitchen under the cupboard, Water Softener the original faucet does not move, for washing water, and the entrance of the drinking water are from the pure water machine equipped with exquisite special faucet. Not only to meet the family's drinking water (can be a direct drink), and can meet the cooking, soup Home women can sooner or later with a small amount of pure water to clean the face, Water Softener even in the spring and autumn season will not have a tight feeling. High-end water machine price is generally in the 1500 yuan -5000 yuan, the annual cost of replacing the filter about 100 yuan or so.

Soft water machine using ion resin exchange technology, the water calcium, magnesium ions removed, and to retain all the original water minerals. Since it is installed behind the main water meter in the home, all the water in the home is softened, not only to meet the water, cooking, Water Softener but also to meet all the water facilities at home, completely solve the scale caused by the closure of water facilities Normal use. For example: water heaters, massage bathtubs, independent heating stove, etc., no longer clogged and produce scale of the insecurity.

Soft water machine does not need to change the core, just regular to the salt box to eat large grain of salt. If you only want to solve the problem of drinking water at home, Water Softener cooking, I suggest you buy pure water machine. If you not only want to solve the life of drinking water, but also to solve the problem of domestic water, it is recommended to buy soft water machine. Of course, if the conditions at home, in order to drink water more safe or choose pure water machine, while equipped with soft water machine to meet the water is a step in place and completely solve the problem of water quality the best way.

Water purifier using sand filter, activated carbon, ultrafiltration and other technologies, to a certain extent, purification of water. Can remove the sediment, rust, but can not completely remove the scale, bacteria, viruses, are primary filtration. The use of KDF technology water purifier, can remove bacteria, Water Softener viruses, part of the removal of heavy metals, but can not remove the scale. Soft water machine are basically using ion exchange technology, with sodium-type cation replacement of calcium and magnesium ions in water (water alkali), completely remove the scale, can bring a lot of benefits to life. Pure water machine using reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology, the core is microporous filtration, only water molecules and minerals smaller than water molecules through the membrane and retained for drinking; bacteria, viruses, scale, pollutants can not pass through the membrane, become Concentrated water discharge; so as to achieve the standard of pure water.

In the United States, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions, water purifier, water machine has become more than 70% of households preferred water drinking water quality processor. Experts predict that with the improvement of living standards of urban residents in China, Water Softener the traditional water use model will face a revolution, water purification will lead the future water market and change the traditional concept of drinking water. In 1998, the water purifier was generally accepted by the Chinese family. In 2003, the water purifier began to attract the attention of the Chinese consumer groups. Some people who paid attention to the healthy people had started to use the water purifier. It is predicted that the penetration rate of urban residents in China will be greatly improved.