Water Softener Have A Protective Effect

Soft water: hardness of less than 8 degrees of water for soft water (with or without calcium and magnesium compounds). The main function of the soft water machine is to remove most of the calcium and magnesium ions, Water Softener reduce the hardness of water, long-term use of softened water bath, Water Softener wash your face can make the skin smooth and delicate, the baby and children's skin more protective effect.

Soft water machine mainly through the sodium ion exchange resin to remove water calcium, magnesium ions, Water Softener reduce water hardness.

China's "drinking water health standards" GB5749-2006 sodium limit: 200mg / L, Water Softener under normal circumstances municipal tap water through the soft water treatment of water, sodium content will not exceed this limit. A person daily water intake of about 3 liters, Water Softener if all drink are soft water, Water Softener then the general water quality case, 3 liters of soft water contained in the total amount of sodium ions, Water Softener only a few slices of bread in the sodium ion content.

Soft water machine and its function

Speaking of "water", we mostly understand, but that "soft water", most people do not clear what it is, and even it will be mixed with the water. What is the soft water,Water Softener what role does it have in the end? Today, we come to you about science.

To know the soft water, first understand the hardness of water

Water hardness depends on the content of soluble calcium and magnesium ions in the water, in terms of popular, is the "scale" how much. After the water is boiled, the more white scale is deposited, the higher the hardness of the water, the water is "hard water"; the other hand, the smaller the scale, Water Softener the lower the hardness, can be called "soft water".

In terms of China, the water quality of the northern cities is generally harder than the south, which is why the southern partners to the north, Water Softener will find the new pot at the end of the store soon accumulated a thick layer of scale. And sometimes even in the basin of water, after a while there will be many white precipitates.

Specific to our daily life, Water Softener soft soft water will bring many unexpected comfort experience.

Remove scale, protect high-grade sanitary ware

The first point, nature is that we can and the annoying "scale" friends. Water Softener Scale this nasty little guy, often appear in our various pots and warm bottles. Looks like an eye does not say that cleaning is also very laborious.

And the accumulation of a thick scale, Water Softener but also affect the heating speed and service life. Especially in our home water heaters, to warm, boilers and other large equipment, Water Softener once the internal fouling must be professional cleaning in time,Water Softener otherwise the increase in energy consumption, while the damage to equipment, but also bring security risks. Water Softener If you have a soft water machine to help, Water Softener we can easily say goodbye to the scale.

General high-level massage bathtub, shower and other outlets are very fine, if the use of high hardness of water, not only the appearance will soon be dim old, but also cause congestion, loss of the original comfortable bath experience. If you use soft water, then the shower nozzle and water pipes and so will be very smooth, Water Softener no longer easy to plug, and the surface can maintain its original luster.