Water Softener Softening Treatment

Software water machine is mainly softened water, remove the water alkali, Water Softener reduce the hardness of water to achieve the purpose of soft water, can not drink directly, are living water, Water Softener such as bathing, beauty and so on. Soft water machine does not have the purification function, can not get rid of water impurities, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals.

Soft water machine with cation exchange resin to soften the water, Water Softener the principle is the resin in the sodium ions into the water, calcium and magnesium ions into the resin, so as to reduce the water calcium and magnesium ions and soften the water treatment.

Mainly used in industrial and northern water quality of some relatively high hardness areas, Water Softener to prevent the boiler, water heaters, water boilers, water heater fouling.

Soft water, a feature more than other water quality easier to boil, flow in the pipeline is relatively smooth, not easy to form dirt, the performance is better than hard water, Water Softener saving fuel costs more than 30%, so the water softener is very economical The water purification equipment. Soft water machine water purifier installation is simple and convenient, can be directly installed in the family after the small water meter or the public pool inlet, or the front of the home electric water heater on the line,Water Softener and tap water pipe can be connected with the pressure of natural water to complete hard water softening Process, low power consumption, Water Softener economical and safe, is the quality of life essential household electrical appliances.

Household detergent will be reflected with the hardness of the ions in the clothing surface of the dirt, and soft water purifier water purification soft to avoid this situation; Water Softener the other hand, with soft water and hard water, can be a lot of savings Washing powder, if the country's cities have half of the families are using water softener water purifier, saving the cost of detergent is a considerable cost, Water Softener for environmental protection, the pollution of water quality will be greatly reduced, energy-saving great Convenience.

I do not know if we have not found that in the use of hard water to wash your hair or bath, the bubble is not a lot, with a lot of the amount of shower gel, the effect is not very good, and after washing, the total feeling of what was covered with a skin Layer, not very comfortable. Water Softener Everything is hard to blame the trouble, with a softener water purifier easy to solve. Water Softener Soft water machine water purifier as a quality of life to improve the quality of home appliances in the country after nearly 30 years of development, has become a family essential products.