Water Softener Substantive

1. Soft water machine equipment Resin tank and resin - filter hard water to become a soft water of the substantive components, through the principle of ion exchange, Water Softener potassium and sodium ions to replace calcium and magnesium ions, water hardness ions are removed.

2. Soft water machine equipment salt and salt suction valve - resin failure, Water Softener the high concentration of salt water replacement, making the resin to achieve regeneration, Water Softener soft water equipment can be used repeatedly for a long time.

3. Soft water machine equipment control valve - to achieve the automation of the regeneration process and the realization of home water softener of the human value-added features. Whether it is one or split water softener equipment, how to change the appearance of the product, these three components will not change.

Softener equipment of the resin tank: usually use glass steel cans, a small number of stainless steel cans, glass steel tank than stainless steel tank corrosion resistance. Good glass steel cans wound evenly; tank wall thick, strong compressive capacity; will not appear crack phenomenon, the liner is very smooth, softening resin is not easy to break.

Soft water machine equipment is the key to soften the water, soft water equipment softening water quality and product quality of the resin is directly related to the use of domestic soft water equipment, the internal structure of the resin should be to achieve food grade, Water Softener can not With industrial grade.

Softener equipment, the quality of resin mainly in the exchange capacity, exchange speed, Water Softener mechanical strength. The theoretical life of the soft water machine equipment resin is permanent and can reach 40 to 50 years. The soft water machine equipment resin is most afraid of iron poisoning (that is, iron pollution) and active chlorine poisoning in China, due to bleaching powder, Water Softener chlorine and The use of iron pipe, Water Softener the best resin can be used for about 20 years, poor only 2, 3 years. Soft water machine equipment resin is also divided into food grade and industrial grade, to pass the US NSF test qualified, can be used in civilian drinking water.

The use of soft water equipment requires regular addition of salt to renew the resin. Water Softener Salt is required for each regeneration (salt dissolves in water). The water used to dissolve the salt is quantitatively injected into the salt tank by a softener. However, you must have a sufficient amount of salt in the softener tank.

In the soft water machine equipment salt box filled with granular or pellet soft water machine salt. Water Softener Do not use rock salt, because rock salt contains impurities and sediment, will lead to soft water equipment can not work properly.

Automatic water softener equipment with automatic cleaning function, Water Softener sub-machine soft water machine equipment, then need to manually clean, Water Softener the most direct way is to check whether there is a foreign body in the salt box is dirty, and then decide whether to clean. Soft water machine equipment, salt barrels to maintain long-term 2-5 kg of salt, please be sure to use non-iodized salt, Water Softener soft water storage stores and building materials market for sale.