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PP Cotton Water Filter cartridge

Product Description

PP melt blown filter cartridge (PPF) is made from polypropylene material. It can remove suspended substances, particles and rust effectively. This cartridge usually works as the pre-filtration to protect the behind filtration for water treatment system. Special cartridges can be customized.

1. Wide chemical compatibility 

2. Pressure-proof 

3. High chemical resistance 

4. All kinds of adapters are available 

5. It has higher contaminant holding capacity and long service life.

Pre-filtration or RO system, solvent, chemical industry, oil industry, drinking water treatment, electronic and power industries, plating, food and beverage, wine, etc. PP can effectively remove the particles, dust, mud in the original water and to provide clear water to people. It is always used as the first stage filter of the RO water purifier, to prevent the sand or other large particulate matters from entering into the purifier and to protect RO membrane. 


PP Water Purifier Filter 

1. Lifetime: 3-6 months 

2. Length: 10", 20",

3. Using in RO&UF filter

Pre-treatment household water purification equipment, can be the beginning of the raw water is filtered to remove suspended solids in water, sediment, rust and other impurities, which can effectively extend the service life of the filter stage

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1. Packed in carton or on your requirements.

2. Shipping by sea/air/express are ok for us. About 20 days when you confirm the price and making a deposit.

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2) For the designs available, we can send you free samples.As we have confirmed order.

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